So while SECTARIAN VIOLENCE is gonna be on tour in the US in a couple of weeks with POISON PLANET, they will also be recording their first full length LP at a studio in Balitmore! GRAVE MISTAKE in the US will be putting this record out and CTW will be doing a euro pressing.

Unfortunetely the 'Conflict of Interest' demo cassette we released recently has long sold out, but you can hear the tracks online and from the bands blogspot.

Tour dates:

**Just Sectarian Violence**

Monday June 4th - Roanoke, VA
Tuesday, June 5th - Raleigh, NC @ The Union w/ No Tomorrow, Pure Scum
Wednesday, June 6th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto w/ Constrict, Rabid Pigs, Killer of Sheep
Thursday, June 7th - Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Axebomber, and Fumes

**Poison Planet and Sectarian Violence**

Friday, June 8th - Indianapolis, IN @ 4442 Primrose w/ Gas Chamber, Side FX, Chaotic Neutral
Saturday, June 9th - Chicago, IL
Sunday, June 10th - Detroit, MI @ The Halfway House w/ Scum, Public Sex
Monday, June 11th - Cleveland, OH @ The Tower w/ Hounds of Hate, Mad Minds
Tuesday, June 12th - Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel w/ Vaccine, In My Grip
Wednesday, June 13th - Allston, MA @ The Burrow w/ Curmudgeon
Thursday, June 14th - New Brunswick, NJ or Philly, PA
Friday, June 15th - Baltimore, MD @ CCAS w/ Sick Fix (record release)
Saturday, June 16th - Washington, DC @ Ras Hall w/ DOC, Misled Youth, Shaved Women, Caust

**Just Poison Planet**

Sunday, June 17th - Raleigh, VA (PxP/The Outs)
Monday, June 18th - Huntington, WV (PxP/The Outs)
Tuesday, June 19th - Louisville, KY (PxP/The Outs)
Wednesday, June 20th - Bloomington, IN (PxP/The Outs)