A few years ago now, when I thought of Brighton in terms of hardcore, I thought of Abandon Ship. This band played fast hardcore punk the way it should be done, and CTW is proud to be co-releasing an Abandon Ship farewell 7” with Dire Records in time for their reunion show in Brighton on August 27th. All new tracks, some of their best stuff to date.

Pre orders for this record will be going up next week. CTW will have an exclusive colour only available from us, Dire and AS will also have there own exclusive colours. Get siked.



Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131010243642111&ref=ts



Transatlantic Straight Edge. Members of Coke Bust, Never Again and Stay Hungry combine to deliver 6 tracks of fast aggressive hardcore punk not unlike Negative Approach or 86 Mentality. CTW will be releasing a limited run of the SxV demo on cassette while the 7” version will be available on a US label. Keep your eyes peeled for tracks soon. 4 UK shows in October, including CTW Fest II. MISPLACED TRUST.



CTW Fest I was in November last year and since then we have had to keep pushing back releasing the DVD of the show for various reasons. But its back on track now and will be available within the month for £2 from our store or free with orders over £15. Sorry for the wait on this, but hope you enjoy remembering that day when Cold Snap and Never Again called it a day. CTW Fest II will also be filmed and made into a DVD, but without the delays this time!