Once again, big thanks to everyone involved in any way at CTW Fest earlier this month and made it one to remember. We are putting together a DVD of the whole show and also featuring some Never Again tour footage. That will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you have any footage from CTW Fest and wouldnt mind us using it for the DVD, please get in touch.

So Carry The Weight is excited to announce three new records that will be coming out early next year:

CTW14: Poison Planet - \'Ugly Truths\' LP

Poison Planet are a politically charged Vegan Straight Edge band from Chicago playing hardcore punk in the vein of Negative Approach, 86 Mentality, Youth of Today etc. With a string of 7" releases on Third Party Records under their belt, CTW is extremely excited be releasing an LP early next year comprising of the 'Oblivious' 7", the 'Undermine' 7" and three bonus tracks exclusive to this record. You can pick up the Oblivious 7" from our distro or alternativly can download it as well as the new 'Undermine' 7" from the Third Party at - http://thirdxparty.blogspot.com/

For the uninitiated, vist:



CTW15: Wardogs 7"

WARDOGS CREW. If you havn\'t heard of this band yet, you will soon. After an extremely well recieved demo and fine set at CTW Fest, CCHC\'s latest export are set to do a 7" in early 2011. The demo cassette has sold out however you can download it with permission of the band here - http://www.mediafire.com/?8yni0k8xhylu8h0

For fans of: Warzone, Outburst, Iron Boots




CTW16: Wayfarer - \'Letumus Cathari\' 7"

\'Letumus Cathari\' sees Wayfarer depart from the frozen Northern wastes to the isolated forests and desolate peaks of the Languedoc, with an elegy for the forgotten acolytes of a misanthropic spirituality. An amalgam of Clevo, D-Beat, and Black Metal that serves as a portent of the winter of winters. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Out early 2011

\'The Days...\' LP and Split 7" with Rot In Hell available from our store. VERY limited numbers.



In addition to all this, if you havn\'t heard, CTW is having a Christmas sale starting December 1st. Half price on most records in the store. Don\'t miss out.