Take a Stand!

Hi! Carry The Weight Records and Quality Control HQ here. Apologies for the political post in a UKHC space, but we felt it was important to let you know our thoughts on how the important referendum this week is likely going to affect our hardcore community that we love so much.

- Our labels receive huge support from Europeans. Inevitable price increases mean less of that. Currently CTW sells around 40% of its stock to Europeans. QCHQ sells around 60%.
- The overwhelming majority of quality vinyl production is in mainland Europe. Brexit will likely mean more expensive vinyl. Vinyl is one way bands support themselves to record music, tour etc, as well as being the primary release format for both of our labels (and others in our scene).
- Bringing touring bands over to the UK will be a far more difficult and expensive process.
- Bands touring Europe will have to undergo a visa process, either doing it undercover at risk, or paying for visas, like they do currently when touring outside of Europe e.g. USA.
- Larger shows are massively supported and boosted by European visitors, higher border control and movement restrictions will mean less of that.

The referedum is of course going to have much more important socio-economic implications that go beyond the realm of hardcore. This is just an attempt to make people aware just how integrated the UKHC scene is with Europe, and that by sticking together our scene will be stronger and remain one of the best in the world.

CTW & QCHQ xxx