Renounced have a number of shows coming up including a tour to support their upcoming LP. Check it:


Leeds, Wharf Chambers, 17th May:

Downpresser/Hawser/Strange Places/Below/Renounced/In Tongues


Reading, The Queens Arms, 14th June:
Forsaken w/ Outrage CC, Realm of Torment, World Weary


London, Surya (N1 9JL), 16th June:

Renounced/Back Down/Hard Out/World Weary/Judgement/No Rest


London, The Union Chapel, 4th July:

Repentance/in Tongues/Renounced/World Weary

Southampton, The Unit 5th July:
UYC FEST 2 w/ Kartel, Ninebar, Cold Hard Truth, The FleX, In Tongues + more

Nottingham, Stuck on a Name Studios, 6th July:

Renounced/In Tongues/World Weary + more


Middleburgh, Westgarth Social Club, 7th July (tbc):

Renounced/In Tongues +more


Glasgow, venue tbc, 8th July:

War Charge/Renounced/In Tongues + more


Edinburgh (tbc)

Renounced/ In Tongues


Birmingham, The Flapper, 14th July:

Focused Minds/Fosaken/Mind Control/Times Together/Renounced


Rugby, Rugby Music Studios, July 19th:

Renounced/Lavondyss/Mangled youth/JohnxMcclaine/No Mans Land/Famine


Brighton, The Green Door Store, 6th Sept:

Last Chance To Dance Fest w/Charlotte Light and Dark, Healing Powers, Me and Goliath, Oblivionised, Renounced, Screen Wives, Sky:Lark, We Never Learned To Live+ more

Essex Fest Aug 2nd/3rd:

Birmingham, Concrete Fest Aug 16th/17th:

London, Underworld, Aug 31st:

All Out War/Repentance/Forsaken + more



Also the first review of the LP has been done via the awesome A SHORT FANZINE ABOUT ROCKING fanzine:


RENOUNCED - 'The Melancholy We Ache' (Carry The Weight) NICK

"I almost don't know where to start with this review: I write notes for every
album I cover in ASFAR, and pretty much everything I've written for 'The
Melancholy We Ache' is a superlative. If you've heard the band's
'Conditioned From Birth' EP, released last year, you'll already know these
Londoners are on to something pretty damn special and now, given an album
over which to truly spread their musical wings, they've taken things to the
next level. There's nothing enormously original about what's on offer here,
but the late-90s/early-00s metalcore sound which Renounced purvey harkens
back to an era rarely plundered by bands these days, and that in itself
helps to make 'The Melancholy We Ache' a particularly exciting, invigorating
listen. It helps, of course, that the execution of that sound is pretty much
flawless - from Dan's coruscating vocals, via the big juddering riffs and
weighty breakdowns, all the way through to the twinkly melodic passages
which take me back to the first time I heard Poison The Well - the whole
thing is perfectly put together. What particularly impresses is how the band
simultaneously achieve a level of intensity that puts more overtly
'crushing' bands to shame at the same time as displaying a degree of
diversity and technical accomplishment that wouldn't be out of place at the
more experimental edges of the hardcore genre. With just eight 'proper'
tracks (plus two instrumentals - one mid-album and one as an outro), there
are no weak links or superfluous moments here - from the epic feel of
'Joshua Commanding The Sun To Stand Still' to the more direct, visceral
'Aching' (possibly the best song I've heard this year), every part of every
track feels like an essential ingredient needed to create this album's
awesome end result. We're not even half way through the year yet, but this
is undoubtedly one of the hardcore records of 2014."

You can pick up a zine here: